Windows Anti-malware Market Share Reports

OPSWAT’s streamlined Market Share Report provides monthly updates on the market share of leading anti-malware vendors and products. This report focuses on the market share of anti-malware products versus traditional antivirus engines, as they offer protection from a greater range of threats such as PUAs, ransomware, spyware, keyloggers and botnets. For each vendor represented in this report, additional data is available on the market share of the vendor’s individual products.

The data in this report was generated on and includes data collected in the last 6 months from users of our free tools including Metadefender Cloud Client. Metadefender Cloud Client is an endpoint forensics tool that can scan endpoints for malware and vulnerabilities using more than 40 anti-malware and vulnerability engines and can scan drive boots sectors. The purpose of this report is to inspire discussion in the anti-malware community and report on the security practices of our free users. The information in this report is representative of over 40 million data points collected from thousands of live Windows machines and includes both corporate and home users. 

Although Microsoft is heavily saturated in the anti-malware product market, we have excluded this vendor because we feel that its products do not accurately represent the user's product of choice as they come pre-installed on many Windows systems and cannot be removed. We also have previous Market Share Reports available for comparing data from past reports. OPSWAT is committed to providing both timely and accurate information in these reports. 



Data Collection

  • For the purpose of the report, our sample size is assumed to be representative of the market, based on the wide accessibility of our free tools to a large range of users. As our sample size grows, we expect our report to more accurately reflect real world results.
  • This data in this report is representative of both corporate and home users. Because this data only includes free accounts, there are a larger number of home users represented.
  • While our free products have international reach, their use is not commensurate with worldwide population distribution. Only English-language versions of our free products are available, so countries with higher numbers of English speakers are expected to use these applications at higher rates.
  • These applications are marketed in OPSWAT’s own channels. Users sampled may not be representative of the general population. For example, this report may contain a different distribution of Windows operating systems and device types compared to what exists in the real world.
  • The purpose of OPSWAT’s Market Share Reports is to inspire discussion, not to make any claims on which anti-malware vendors are the best or to compare these vendors in terms of quality or performance.

Disclaimer of Warranty

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Copyright Notice

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